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Legacy 20/20 is a three-year strategic plan to improve our campus, build financial strength, and encourage the growing ministry of Abba’s House.


The focus of the first phase will be to improve drop-off and safety in our children’s areas. The children’s spaces will get a fresh facelift and make them more inviting for guests and members alike. We will also work on connectivity of our campus through covered walkways, making it much nicer when there’s rain. There will be a new space for children’s worship, and the children’s areas will all be in closer proximity instead of being spread out. Once that is done, in time, we will also renovate student and adult spaces.


Our goal as a church is to be debt-free, but we are not there yet. Because of our dedication to becoming debt-free, we will not take on any additional debt for this project.  All funds will be raised in advance, and will be above and beyond the church’s operational budget.


All ministries and ages will benefit through this strategic plan. Not only will we be renovating facilities, but we will be challenging all ages to strive to live and leave a legacy as they walk with Christ. We want to be change-agents in our community, and leave our own Abba’s House legacy in the city of Chattanooga. When our facility is more inviting, it encourages guests.  When our children are safe and secure, we can rest easy.


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